Alla marries her Arthur

Back in October Alla got married, and she chose MYB to do her bridal makeup. A true honor to me.  I don’t think anyone can truly begin to know how I really feel when you say yes to me at a trial. Alla had a photographer, Leo Timshuk, come down from my home stompin’ grounds, New York. I like to think we bonded from that too 🙂 Her wedding felt light and chic, so we did her makeup accordingly.



The hair is done by Jessica Kirkland Hair studios. You can find her on FB! Great gal!


I think this is my favorite shot of her. Pure joy on her big day.






Senior Shoot with Jessica Magee Studios

A few months back I was asked by Jessica Magee Studios if I did senior shoots! I, of course do, so we booked the date with 2 best friends. I was super excited to do this shoot, I LOVE working with Jessica! We work so well together! By the way, did you know Jessica has me in some of her packages?! Go on her site and check  her out! Or on her Facebook page! She is a fabulous photographer, you’ll see!

So off to Decatur we went and the girls took us to a few spots we didn’t know about. I must say, The culture there is pretty gorgeous. There’s an old bank still in tact and so beautiful.

Well, without further ado!!



You would never know the mosquitoes were eating us alive. We had to have had a combined 30 stings between the 4 of us!


We passed an old barn on the way to the field for more shots.  One of the girls’ Moms knew who owned it, and they definitely climbed through a fence to get these shots.






Photographer: Jessica Magee Studios –

A few recent photo shoots.

Over the past couple of months now, I had begun working with Anna Pociask Photography. It first started off with a Facebook post, as most things do nowadays! We hadnt met before, and I was tagged by my friend Jessica as a makeup artist referral.

I was able to do the shoot on the day she had already booked it. And let me tell you, it was AWESOME. From that moment on, we find ways to work together again! Thanks Anna for referring me to new clients too! I look forward to many more awesome shoots!





This next photo shoot, I wasn’t able to stay on site for.

(I usually stay on site for touching up if  any is needed)

404412_10151293060651864_743749019_n (1)

This last little batch is of a woman celebrating her 31st year. A soldier in the army, and a stunning person inside and out.




Anna Pociask Photography:

Trish Marries her soul mate – Heaps Love

A little over a  month ago I met with Trish. After all the email correspondence we had I should have guessed she wasn’t from the states when she began her emails with “G’day!”. We finally had her trial day, she walks in my door, and the cutest accent, Australian, comes out! I learned a little more about Trish, and her vision for her day, and we talked like we had become friends instantly. It was pretty awesome! She went and had her engagement/wedding announcement pictures done. Jennifer Woodbery is the photographer for both engagement and wedding photos.




On her wedding day, she was too funny! She kept wanting to help people with different odds and ends. I must have told her a handful of times ” It’s YOUR day silly!! What can WE do you for YOU??!!” Trish is such a sweet heart. And her friends were equally awesome! I was also asked to do her 2 bridesmaids. And let me tell you how stunning these girls were BEFORE makeup! The makeup we did just enhanced them all!






J. Woodbery Photography :

Location: Stone bridge Farms, Athens, AL

Kelly Krieder, becomes Mrs. Morgan

Kelly is a natural.

A natural what, you ask… Beauty, sweetheart, and a funny girl. I had the honor of being her artist for both her wedding and her bridals. Erin Lindsey and I teamed up yet again and this was the outcome… These two are madly madly in love, and the look on Matt’s face literally brought me to tears when I saw this image Erin took.  The first look, theirs will go down in history.

12827_543954672287055_2076886324_n 48233_543953305620525_1013875333_o 58852_547722961910226_1147171113_n

This city girl, doing makeup, next to a large, albeit beautiful creature… Erin.. thanks for capturing this! 61420_547724601910062_663710307_n 136056_543954848953704_495010210_o 178956_547723228576866_824409129_n

Erin and I had some fun too!!

316607_547726105243245_430090420_n 483010_547487568600432_90917095_n 533928_547723965243459_1881229604_n 542814_547722755243580_335297346_n 557689_547723448576844_1869367913_n 603904_543954202287102_160752056_n

Ava and Richard’s wedding

I met Ava, it seems forever ago. We had her trial, then her engagements, then her bridals, and then… The BIG day!


You just don’t know how much it means to me when a bride entrusts me with this task. To some it is minuscule,  but to me, it is nothing short of an honor.  Ava, thank you for having me as your makeup artist throughout your journey. It has been a pleasure.


264012_520984391250750_1046359623_n522921_540688812613641_1973480048_n 270444_540685125947343_619775822_n (1) 269112_503573926321716_1952513728_n

Engagement Giveaway winners, Chelsea and Chance

A while back I was asked to be a part of a giveaway with Erin Lindsey Images.


I jumped at it. I like to give back to the community that has blessed me tremendously.


Chelsea and Chance were the winners picked! And along with many other vendors, they had a fabulous and fun day! Chelsea came to my home that day to get her makeup done for the shoot, and as soon as she walked through my door I knew exactly what to do for her. She has this amazing beauty inside of her, and it was so easy to use that quality of her to make it shine on the outside. Not that she needed any help in that department! We spoke for a little bit, to get the feel of her vision for the shoot, the colors she wanted to wear so I could do her makeup according to style. And we decided to leave it simple, but chic. And we nailed it, take a look, and enjoy.


21753_551751664840689_1700447576_n 32323_551751018174087_1550960247_n 59648_551751568174032_957823560_n 61096_540744372608085_2006093215_n 65296_551751644840691_1464566770_n 189079_540738205942035_846752381_n 408002_551750954840760_1106808842_n 417046_551753071507215_1040284731_n 423082_551751441507378_356828420_n 525806_540735902608932_1670840669_n (1) 533799_551751064840749_452668437_n

Betsy’s Big Day

I met Betsy months and months ago. She found me on wedding wire. From D.C. And planned her whole wedding from out of town! Something I don’t think I could ever do.


Betsy, my dear…. you. are. amazing.

The end.



Thank you for choosing MYB. I had SUCH an amazing time getting to know you and your family, and bridal party. And I was HONORED when you said ” honorary bridesmaid” to me. My heart was warmed, and I was truly humbled by it 🙂

What can I say about this wedding???? It was so much fun, laid back… Except I wanted to sit Betsy down and force feed her some food lol, not really. But kinda really 🙂 She was a busy bee that day. But not one time did I see her frown. Her smile was radiant the entire day.  And THAT made me happy. My biggest thing is making my clients happy, no matter what.  All the girls were happy and smiling, and chatting away. It was a great vibe in the room.


The venue was BREATH TAKING.  Coming from a city girl, I am loving me some country!


It was at Madeline’s in the Grove, Athens AL.

Hair was done by Jessica Kirkland –

Makeup  by me

Photography Heather McAlister –


Here are some amazing photo’s from her breath taking day!



Wedding Season…

Good LORD!


Things have been hoppin’ here for MYB. And I couldn’t be more happy about it. Not because I have been kept busy, but really because of all the love I get to see all season long.


There is NO greater feeling, aside from snuggling with my twins, then being a part of someone’s magical day! Even if it is just a small fraction of it, I still feel honored to be a part of it all.


I haven’t had time to post a lot, because of said busy season, but I also moved!


So in a nut shell, here are some of  my past few weddings… Enjoy!





Some where I have more photos.  I just can’t find them at the moment!!

Nikki and Sree.. a night to remember

They got HITCHED!!!


I did the engagement photo makeup for this bride! Remember??



Well NOW we got to the BIG DAY!!!! Ya’ll we had SUCH a blast. Having had her trial MONTHS ago, and being FB friends, and then the engagement pictures done. I felt like we were life long gal pals! The day of her wedding came, and I could not have been MORE excited to get there and see the fun that would unravel. Her group of ladies were rockin’ awesome, and we all got along easy peasy!


Erin Lindsey, of Erin Lindsey Images, was the photographer for this couple.






These ladies made my job EASY!

Sree came down the aisle, and I cried, then the ladies and I cried, and then Nikki, and I cried….

If you remember, in their engagement post, I said their love was amazing. Well YEA…. So much so , there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Literally.

I was there.

Nikki and Sree, may your life be sweet as honey together.